Main research topics:
Synthesis of micro/mesoporous and nanostructured oxides.

Development of methods for functionalization with different organic groups of nanosized mesoporous silica materials with different morphology.

Modification of mesoporous materials with nanosized transition metal/ metal oxide species.

Physicochemical characterization of modified materials (temperature gravimetrical analysis, temperature programmed reduction, infrared spectroscopy, UV-VIS spectroscopy, adsorption methods etc.).

Investigation of catalytic properties of modified nanocomposite materials:

- Methanol conversion to hydrocarbons, hydrogen, CO and methane as a source of alternative ecological fuel from renewable sources and industry supply with gas mixtures;
- Catalytic combustion of different volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for environmental protection;
- Conversion of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons for petrochemical industry;
- Selective oxidation of alcohols and olefins in gas or in liquid phase for the preparation of intermediates for pharmacy and chemical industry.

Investigation of the relation between catalyst composition, structure and catalytic behaviour. Genesis of the catalytic sites and mechanism of the catalytic processes.

Preparation of new drug delivery systems on the basis of mesoporous silicas with different structure, morphology, particle size and surface functionality.

Study on the optimization of the loading capacity and release properties of loaded drugs - antibiotics, glucocorticoids, anti-inflammatory non-steriods and antioxidants.

Laboratory members


Prof. DSc. Margarita Popova

(+359 2) 960 6111
Name Room Phone -mail*
Prof. Margarita Popova, DSc, Head 411 111 Margarita.Popova
Assoc. Prof. Momtchil Dimitrov, PhD 410 111 Momchil.Dimitrov
Assoc. Prof. Gloria Issa, PhD 402 109 Gloria.Issa
Assist. Prof. Consolato Rosmini, PhD 402 109 Consolato.Rosmini
Ivalina Trendafilova, PhD 411 111 Ivalina.Trendafilova
Assist. Manuela Oykova 411 111 Manuela.Oykova
Assist. Oyundari Tumurbaatar 515 Oyundari.Tumurbaatar
Assist. Ivan Dimitrov 410 111 Ivan.Dimitrov
Mariya Hadzhiyska, chemist 411 111 Mariya.Hadzhiyska
Gregoria Theochari, chemist 411 111 Gregoria.Theochari
Associated members
Prof. Tanya Hristova, DSc 409 979 6640 Tanya.Tsoncheva


Selected publications (Q1)


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Nanostructured silver silica materials as potential propolis carriers
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Efficient solid acid catalysts based on sulfated tin oxides for liquid phase esterification of levulinic acid with ethanol.
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Novel SO3H functionalized magnetic nanoporous silica/polymer nanocomposite as a carrier in a dual-drug delivery system for anticancer therapy
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Amino-modified KIT-6 mesoporous silica/polymer composites for quercetin delivery: Experimental and theoretical approaches
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Activated carbons from used motor oil as catalyst support for sustainable environmental protection
Biomass and
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Activated carbon from Bulgarian peach stones as a support of catalysts for methanol decomposition