1. Solid fuels and agricultural by-products:

- Study on the chemical composition and reactivity of solid fuels /coals, anthracite, oil shale/ and biomass.

- Study on the compositions of the ôvolatile organic compoundsö (VOCs) in the emissions of lignite combustion in the thermal power plants and in other wastes from energy production, i.e. slag, fly ashes, etc. Assessment of the effect of electron beam treatment on the flue gases desulphurization and decrease in the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) contents;

- Sulphur and organic sulphur compounds study and fossil desulphurization;

- Depiction of relationships between coal precursor vegetations and products of their diagenetic transformations in Bulgarian Neogene coals and other geological sediments;

- Carbonization of solid fuels and biomass. Creation of methods for conversion of biomass and coals to high efficient carbon adsorbents, liquid products and energy gas. Analysis of the chemical composition of the liquid products and gas. Analysis of the structure and chemical character of the surface of the solid product;

- Removal of different pollutants from water and air using different carbon adsorbents produced on the base of solid fuels, biomass and their treatment products by methods developed in the laboratory.

2. Carbon materials.

- Physical and chemical characterization of precursors;

- Preparation of precursors for producing of carbon fibers, carbon foams and C/C composites by thermo-chemical modification of the liquid products from solid fuels and biomass treatment;

- Study of the factors, which influence the interaction between binder and fillers in carbon/carbon composites;

- Preparation and applications of porous carbon (synthetic carbon adsorbents and carbon foam) based on biomass and coal treatment products.

- Synthesis of carbon materials with appropriate properties for application as electrode in battery production, catalyst and catalyst support, and hydrogen store.

Laboratory members


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Microporous and Mesoporous Materials,
259, 9-16
Activated carbons from used motor oil as catalyst support for sustainable environmental protection
Biomass and
109, 135-146
Activated carbon from Bulgarian peach stones as a support of catalysts for methanol decomposition
Composites Part A,
Carbon foam based on epoxy/novolac precursor as porous micro-filler of epoxy composites