Bulgarian NMR Centre – Development of Advanced and Effective Research Infrastructure for NMR Analysis of Bio- and Nanomaterials


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The goal of the proposed project is building of an advanced and effective NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Research Infrastructure based on the state-of-the-art research equipment and the integrated knowledge, expertise and research capacity of the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Institute of Polymers, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Chemical Faculty, Sofia University, and its successful networking with existing RI’s, that will be achieved through:

                • Upgrade of the existing NMR spectrometers with sophisticated state-of-the-art probeheads (DIFF30, HR-MAS, 600 MHz), with automatic sample changer device (250 MHz) and advanced propriety software in order to ensure state-of-the art investigations of structure and properties of advanced functional materials
                 • Enhancement of the knowledge level in the field of advanced applications of NMR spectroscopy in several defined priority fields by specialized training of scientists, young researchers and students, involved in fundamental and applied projects, thus affording opportunities for their professional development.
                • Development of effective access schemes to the scientific equipment for the research community in the country and the region and offering NMR research expertise in multidisciplinary areas.
                • Enhancement of the scientific efficiency through coordination of the efforts of scientists involved in design and production of advanced bio- and nanomaterials with those specialized in their characterization and use based on synchronized division of labor.
                • Dissemination of the project results among the scientific community in the country, the region and in the EU

Our intensions are to build a creative and dynamic Research Infrastructure capable of achieving goals, generating knowledge and sustainable results in the following priority research areas defined by NSF: “Material sciences and nanotechnologies”; “Biotechnology, food and health” and “Ecology, climate changes, biodiversity and biological resources.”
The successful achievement of the project aims and the establishment of the NMR Research Infrastructure will contribute to the development of the organization structure and to strengthening of the sustainable and successful collaboration of the research institutions, which will set up the necessary basis for its further evolution and consecutive future transition to advanced NMR Centre of Excellence with regional and international importance.