Bulgarian NMR Centre – Development of Advanced and Effective Research Infrastructure for NMR Analysis of Bio- and Nanomaterials


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The management structure of the project foresees: Coordinator, Steering Team, Scientific Advisory Body and Working Groups.

The Coordinator will be responsible for:

·         Overall project management ensuring technical and financial guidance of the project

·         Efficient administration of the project

·         Overall coordination of the activities

·         Communication with the NSF

·         Preparing the reports to NSF


A Project Steering Team chaired by the project Coordinator will control the implementation of the project.

The Steering Team consists of the Coordinator and the Work groups leaders. The Steering Team will meet quarterly or on demand and it will be responsible for:

·         Day-to-day management.

·         Supervision and monitoring of all aspects of project implementation.

·         Decisions on upcoming problems, troubleshooting, mediation of conflicts.


Scientific Advisory Body will be established immediately after starting of the project implementation. The Body consists of the coordinator, the Work Group Leaders and senior scientists participating in the project from all partner institutions. The foreign scientific team leaders of the international collaboration projects actually assist informally in the development of the Bulgarian NMR Centre and will be invited to participate in the Scientific Advisory Body if the project is funded. According to our previous experience communication with them via e-mail and Internet online messaging services is fast enough and sufficient. The Scientific Advisory Body will be responsible for:

·         Coordination of activities regarding the scientific program of the project.

·         Discussion and exchange of experience in research of each partner research groups and in the team as well.

·         Developing a strategy for future joint high quality research.

·         Contacts with scientific and other public or private organizations interested in the anticipated investigations during the implementation of the project.

·         Assistance in the implementation of the proposed access scheme.

Two Work Group Leaders will be designated for improving the efficiency in the realization of tasks foreseen, one from the NMR group and one from the other participating institutions.

Detailed technical management per task will be the responsibility of the respective Work Group Leaders, always in cooperation with the Coordinator and in compliance with the directives of the project Steering Team. To that purpose Work Groups Leaders will be appointed to coordinate the work within the corresponding tasks.