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For Bruker Avance II+ 600 spectrometer :

    High gradient diffusion NMR module including: Diffusion accessory, comprising gradient control unit, GREAT master, control amplifier, water cooling and blanking units, 5 mm Z-diffusion probehead, gradient strength of 30G/cm/A for 1H/X nuclei, 2H lock and B0 compensation unit. The equipment will allow measurement of very small diffusion coefficients, 10-11-10-12 m2/s, which are typical for viscous systems and large aggregates.

 4 mm triple resonance high resolution probehead, equipped with gradients and  Magic Angle Spinnig (HRMAS) and a 2H lock.  This equipment will enable characterization and investigation of the properties of heterogeneous systems, where phenomena at solid-liquid inter-phase are important, hybrid materials, products of the solid phase synthesis, soft materials, gels, liquid-crystal phases, emulsions etc.


For Bruker Avance DRX 250 spectrometer :

B-ACS sample changer including a microprocessor control and automation eject unit for 60 probes. The autosampler robot will be fitted to the 250 MHz instrument to provide a rapid open-access service for 1D and 2D experiments; thus it will be able to operate 24 hours a day with only minor interruptions for maintenance or repair.




Replacement of the existing cooling unit (BCU 05) with a BCU-X unit for variable temperature control down to approx. -50 0C and provision with a heat exchange system for MAS probehead necessary for work down to approx. -120 0C



Low-temperature MAS heat exchanger system required with MAS probeheads to approx. -100deg C by liquid nitrogen cooling.




Information about the equipment, available at the moment, can be found at the following link: