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Modalities of access for foreign students, PhD students and young scientists

to the Bulgarian NMR Centre


               Procedure for gaining access to the National NMR Centre is foreseen for students, PhD students and young scientists in the country and the region. Young researchers can apply for getting access to NMR instruments by presenting a brief project proposal (~1 page), defining the need to use NMR methods and equipment. Alternatively they could describe an idea and formulate a method of NMR spectroscopy that is expected to prove it. They will be informed about the result of the proposal evaluation in less than three months. If the project is approved, additional information concerning the samples and the experiments will be required. Detailed description of the the required information can be found here.

Successful applicants will receive an information concerning the amount of NMR time granted to the project in terms of allocated time (in parts of 6 hours of machine time) and type of the instrument(s) to be used. Indeed, the NMR Centre can provide access in a variety of different schemes, according to the user's needs. Users can stay for the entire measurement time or for an even more extended period to gain experience on data handling and analysis. However, if necessary, users may come only in the initial stages of experimental set-up, or samples could be sent and measured by the laboratory staff. The laboratory staff will propose possible dates to schedule a successful project. Final determination will be made according to the young researcher needs. The scheduling of external users precedes the internal distribution of NMR time in order to meet users’ needs and to allow enough time for practical arrangements, such as the logistics of travel and accommodation or sending of samples. The expected outcome of a project is the presentation of the results at diploma defense or PhD promotion and/or publication in scientific journals. In all cases users are asked to acknowledge the NMR time provided under the support of the Ministry of Science and Education in their presentations.

The application form can be downloaded here. Filled application forms have to be submitted to the following address: nmr@orgchm.bas.bg