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The Bulgarian NMR Centre provides various analyses, covering a wide range of possibilities from basic NMR experiments to more advanced techniques for complete NMR structure elucidation and interpretation.

        Routine NMR analyses

        Advanced NMR analyses

Prices are charged depending on the instrument used and the duration of experiment time required. Spectra interpretation and written analytical reports can be provided on request.

Routine NMR analyses

The standard 1D and 2D NMR experiments listed below are performed by trained and experienced operators. Routine NMR experiments are ideal for evaluation of compound purity and quality control, structure verification and structure elucidation of smaller molecules. Orders will typically be fulfilled within three working days.

1D experiments:

  • 1H spectrum

  • D2O exchange

  • solvent (water) suppression

  •  Selective Nuclear Overhauser Effect (sel. NOE)

  • 13C {1H} spectrum

  •  DEPT135 and DEPT90

  •  31P {1H} spectrum

  • 31P spectrum

  • 19F {1H} spectrum

  • 19F spectrum

             2D experiments:

  • COSY

  • HMQC

  • HSQC

  • HMBC


 Variable - temperature experiments:

     Avance DRX 250 - temperature range 170 - 450 K

     Avance II+ 600 -  temperature range 150 - 390K


Important for measurement of routine service spectra:

        You are kindly requested to complete a separate application request form (pdf, doc)* for each sample. First time customers need to contact the laboratory by e-mail.

        Optimal sample quantities: 5 to 10 mg for 1H and 19F, 30 to 200 mg for 13C, 10 to 50 mg for 31P spectra. The quantity should be soluble in 0.6 ml of solvent. Indicative measurement times could be found in the table.

        The NMR spectra will be available for downloading for a period of at least one month after measurement. Unless otherwise stated samples will be retained for a period of thirty days after delivery of results. After that they will be removed from storage and processed as waste.

        Electronic and hard copies could be provided on request.

* We understand that often not all of the requested information is available or relevant for the sample to be measured, but we appreciate your effort in completing the order form as thoroughly as possible. The aim of the data collection is to serve you better by taking careful care of your sample, to facilitate and speed up the measurement as well as to warn our personnel regarding any potential health hazard that could result from handling the material without the proper safety measures. Failure to submit the minimum requested amount or submission of erroneous solubility information for the analysis will result in additional expenses for the customer. All data received and produced by our laboratory will be treated with complete confidentiality.


Advanced NMR analyses:

For analytical needs exceeding the scope of routine NMR services we can provide advanced project services. Sophisticated 2D experiments allow elucidation of complex structures, longtime acquisitions facilitate determination of  small quantities of impurities in the sample. Much smaller quantities than those needed for the routine services could be principally measured and analyzed for special purposes. Reaction progress, aggregation, complex formation and diffusion properties could be monitored by NMR spectroscopy simultaneously with important structural information. We are able to measure NMR spectra of solid samples, containing different heteronuclei (e.g. 13C, 31P, 11B, 7Li, 27Al) and despite our moderate expertise, we could help to solve important questions in the field of materials science.

Advanced NMR services need to be arranged in advance. You will be discussing the project with one of our NMR scientists and we will provide you with a quotation for the service. Pricing for these services includes a setup and sample treatment fee and depends on instrument and personal time needed.

For advanced NMR analyses, please, contact the head of the department Prof. Svetlana Simova to receive more information on the possibilities for detailed product analysis and development.








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