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 The NMR group research activities encompass a variety of application and methodological aspects. The main topics include application of different 1D and 2D experimental techniques for structural and conformational analysis of small and medium size molecules, complex synthetic, natural and pharmaceutical products, supramolecular aggregates and complexes as well. The laboratory has long standing traditions in development and application of NMR spectral methods for investigation of molecular dynamics.

Structural analysis and stereochemistry Molecular mobility Supramolecular aggregates and complexes Computer programs Research Projects


Structural analysis and stereochemistry

  • Structural analysis of small and medium size molecules – conformation and configuration. Stereochemistry of compounds with central and planar chirality

  • Investigation of synthetic and natural biologically active compounds - carbohydrates, lipids, antibiotics, nucleotides, flavones, terpenoids, alkaloids, etc.

  • Investigation of steric interactions by 13С NMR spectroscopy

  • Structure and chemistry of phosphorus-containing compounds

  • Structural analysis of fatty acids and triacylglyceroles

  • Investigation of oxidation stability of fats and oils

  • Investigation of liner and branched fluorescent polymers with application in optoelecrtonics

  • Investigation of overall and internal molecular dynamics by classic dynamic NMR, nuclear relaxation methods and gradient NMR spectroscopy

  • Development of new approach for determination of precise and unique set of exchange rate constants and thermodynamic parameters in complex multisite exchange system

  • Investigation of conformational equilibria and fluxtional isomerisation

  • New method for determination of mixing time in 2D EXSY and 1D EXSY with selective excitation

  • Investigation of tautomeric equilibrium in cyclic diketones with potential activities as UV protectors

Supramolecular aggregates and complexes

  • Study of cyclodextrines - molecular recognition

  •  Investigation of surfactant solutions - determination of the critical micelle concentration and micelle structure and composition

  •  Application of gradient NMR spectroscopy for drop size distribution analysis in water-in-oil and oil-in-water emultions (food type emultions - margarines mayonnaises, salad dressing, cream cheese, etc.)

  • Investigation of colloid and water soluble polymers with potential application as drug delivery systems Investigation of possible mechanisms for drug immobilization in the polymer matrix

  • Computer program for Fast Automatic First Order Multiplets Analisys of 1H spectra (FAFOMA)

  • Computer program for signal to noise enhancement in NMR spectra by automatic correction of the spikes in the tail of the FID

  • Computer program for determination of correlation times and activation energies of the overall and internal molecular reorientation by simultaneous analysis of the experimental relaxation parameters (longitudinal relaxation times T1 and NOE factors)

  • 13С spectral database and 13С chemical shifts prediction for natural compounds


    past research projects

    current research projects

East-NMR (Enhancing Access and Services to East European users Towards an efficient and coordinated Pan-European pool of NMR capacities to enable global collaborative research & boost technological advancements) (http://www.east-nmr.eu/)

Bulgarian NMR Centre – Development of Advanced and Effective Research Infrastructure for NMR Analysis of Bio- and Nanomaterials (http://www.orgchm.bas.bg/~nmr/web_project/index.htm)

Investigation of supramolecular nanostructures in liquid state using diffusion ordered (DOSY) NMR