Bruker Avance II+ 600 

The instrument is purchased with the financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science in the framework of the program “Promotion of the Research Potential through Unique Scientific Equipment”. The instrument was installed in February 2007 and is operative since March 2007.


  • Ultrashield TM magnet D 262/54, 14.09 T

  • Three radiofrequency channels with liner amplifiers (BLAXH2H 300/100/150, BLAX 500)

  • f 5 mm direct dual probehead (BBO) 31P - 109Ag / 1H, with actively shielded Z-gradients and automatic tuning and matching accessory (ATMA)

  • f 5 mm inverse triple  probehead (TBI) 1H / 31P - 109 Ag / 13C with actively shielded Z-gradients

  • f 5 ìì MIC-Diff30 diffusion dual probehead 1H/31P

  • f 4 CP/MAS dual probehead 31P - 15N / 1H for solid state

  • f 4 ìì HRMAS dual probehead 1H/13C for sample at liquid-solid state limit

  • Gradient unit GRASPII (10A)

  • Gradient amplifier GREAT40 (40A)

  • Module for control of gradient amplifier GREAT MASTER E

  • Automatic pneumatic unit (MAS II)

  • Automatic sample changer B-ACS for 60 samples

  • Temperature control unit - B-VT 3000 with temperature range 150 - 390 K

  • Temperature unit BCU I with temperature range 233 - 323 K

  • Temperature unit BCU20 for temperature control on MIC-Diff30

  • PC LINUX workstation HP z400

Software: Topspin 3.0, NMR Guide


We advise all colleagues who use the NMR spectrometers to acknowledge the financial support of the National Science Fund for the purchase of Bruker Avance II+ 600 NMR spectrometer in the framework of the Program “Promotion of the Research Potential through Unique Scientific Equipment” – Project UNA-17/2005.