Noise reduction in NMR spectra by cutting out the noise in FID


Nikolay G. Vassilev


Institute of Organic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev bl. 9, Sofia, Bulgaria




It is shown that in some cases the noise in NMR spectra can be reduced to a large degree by cutting out the noise in FID. The advantage over the commonly used exponential multiplication is that in this case the lines in spectra are not broadened. The implementations of the proposed algorithm to FIDís, subjected to Reference Deconvolution, shows an increase of S/N ratio by 180%.



Main Application

FIDís subject to Reference Deconvolution

An example of such FID and corresponding spectrum without and with noise reduction by noise cutting (nornoc) is presented on next figures:



For the sources of the programs (au programs for BRUKER xwinnmr siute of programs) ask the author.