Fully Automatic First-Order Multiplet Analysis (FAFOMA)

Nikolay G. Vassilev

Institute of Organic Chemistry BAS, 9, Akad G. Bonchev street, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Phone: +0359-2-9606-172
E-mail: niki@orgchm.bas.bg

Experimental spectra:

- Three doublet of doublets (dd)

- Doublet of doublet of doublets (ddd)

- Two doublet of doublet of triplets (dddt)

- Doublet of quartets plus doublet (dq+d)

- Doublet of quintets (d5)

- Doublet of sextets (d6)

- Doublet of septets (d7)

- Triplet of sextets (t6)

- Quintet of quartets (5q)

- A special case of dddd

Please fill free to use the web version of program FAFOMA. Any comments or suggestions through feedback are greatly appreciated.

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