Fully Automatic First-Order Multiplet Analysis (FAFOMA)

Nikolay G. Vassilev

Institute of Organic Chemistry BAS, 9, Akad G. Bonchev street, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Phone: +0359-2-9606-172
E-mail: niki@orgchm.bas.bg

FAFOMA needs as input a peak picking file produced by one of the following programs:

Xwinnmr -> sample input file -> small au program for creating peak picking file

Winnmr -> sample input file

MestRec -> sample input file

MestRe-C v3.1 -> sample input file

Spinworks -> sample input file

Spinsight -> sample input file

If you are using other program for processing of NMR spectra, please send to the author sample of peak picking file produced by your program in order to be included in this form.

FAFOMA (input filename):

File Format of Peak picking file:

The maximum deviation of the peak intensity (%):

The highest possible coupling constant (Hz):

The lowest possible coupling constant (Hz):

The Hz/point value of your spectrum (Hz):

to upload input file and execute program FAFOMA.

Please fill free to use the web version of program FAFOMA. Any comments or suggestions through feedback are greatly appreciated.

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