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Research gate project: ESIPT, and Fluoroborates - theory and experiment, see project H09/39


Admirations to the invention of BOIMPY by Prof. Dr. Daniel B. Werz et al.,

ANIE 2016, 55, 13340-13344,

and its computational digestion by Prof. D. Jacquemin et al., PCCP 2017, 19, 10554-10561.

Oral presentation at the 25 Years Anniverary of the Faculty of chemistry, University of Plovdiv, October 2016


Current NSF project: H19/53 - 2017, Novel Intramolecular Proton Transfer

Heterocyclic Luminophores and Their Complexes for Modern Biomedicine

Contract # ДН 19/11, Dec. 10, 2017





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