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Professor Vladimir Dimitrov, DSc

Laboratory "Organic Synthesis and Stereochemistry"
Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry
Acad. G. Bonchev, Build. 9
Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

tel. +359 2 9606 157
fax +359 2 8700 225
e-mail: vdim@orgchm.bas.bg
website: http://www.orgchm.bas.bg/list/oss/index.html


The research interest in our department encompass several areas spanning synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry, and asymmetric catalysis. Specific areas of research focus on:

• Synthesis of organometallic compounds and complexes of main group and transition metals in respect of their applications in organic synthesis. Rational design and synthesis of catalytic systems, including asymmetric metal-mediated and organocatalytic systems, based on readily available chiral sources. Efforts are focused on the development of new chiral ligands and reagents. NMR spectroscopy is used as tool for structure elucidation, investigation of the stereochemical course of selective transformations and configuration determinations.

• Development of efficient and flexible routes for synthesis of multifunctional organic compounds – intermediates, building blocks and target compounds possessing biological activity; compounds with fluorescent properties as new materials for development of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs); calixarenes with phosphinoyl type ligating groups at the narrow rim.

• Design and synthesis of functionalized cyanines using organometallic approaches.

• Solventfree and microwave (MW) assisted synthesis of multifunctional chiral and non-chiral heterocyclic compounds.

• Custom synthesis and process development – synthesis work over a broad range of transformations is offered for customers. Projects planning and implementation are carried out under the strictest confidence.

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311 9606-157
Prof. Liudmil Antonov, DSc 302 9606-102
Prof. Vanya Kurteva, PhD
309 9606-156
Assoc. Prof. Kalina Kostova, PhD
311 9606-158
Assoc. Prof. Georgi Dobrikov, PhD
321 9606-132
Assoc. Prof. Irena Philipova, PhD
301 9606-152
Assoc. Prof. Svilen Simeonov, PhD
307 9606-114
Assist. Prof. Nadezhda Tabakova, PhD
314 9606-101
Assist. Prof. Mariana Kamenova-Nacheva, PhD
310 9606-134
Assist. Prof. Yana Nikolova, PhD
321 9606-132
Assist. Prof. Atanas Kourutus, PhD
302 9606-102
302 9606-102
Assist. Irena Zagranyarska 
311 9606-158
Assist. Krasimira Dikova
311 9606-158
Assist. Martin Ravutzov
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Assist. Maya Marinova, PhD
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Assist. Maya Tavlinova
308 9606-154
Assist. Stanislava Todorova
309 9606-156
Assist. Zhanina Petkova
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Raina Todorova
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Boryana Petrova, chemist
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Simeon Angelov, chemist 320   anguelovsimo@orgchm.bas.bg
Yana Medarska, chemist 302 9606-102  
Nevse Molla, PhD student
302 9606-102
Silviya Hristova, PhD student
302 9606-102
Ivailo Slavchev, chemist
321 9606-132
Dimitar Atanasov, techn.
319 -
420 9606-177
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