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Fundamental scientific achievements

1. Preparation of mesoporous silicas with tunable pore size, shape and connectivity (MCM-41/48, SBA-15, KIT-6, etc.), synthesis of mesoporous and nanosized metal oxides with high specific surface area with potential application as adsorbents, catalysts or carriers of nanosized metal/ metal oxide nanoparticles.

2. Preparation of mesoporous silicas (MCM-41, SBA-15) with spherical morphology and nanosized particles as a drug delivery carriers and development of new methods for their functionalization with amino-, carboxyl- and mercapto- groups.

2. Development of micro- and mesoporous catalysts and adsorbents with adjustable properties. Regulation of their design via the method of modification (ion exchange, dealumination, impregnation etc.), by variation of the pore topology and functionality of the supports, the pre-treatment medium, etc. Creation of novel porous bi- and multicomponent metal/metal oxide systems with tunable acid, base and redox properties.

3. Relation between the state of the metal/metal oxide nanoparticles, their phase transformations under the reaction medium and their catalytic properties.

4. Study on the nature of the catalytic sites and the mechanism of the catalytic processes.

5. Development of catalytic tests for characterization of the nature of the catalytic active sites in modified molecular sieves and nanocomposite materiales, for elucidation of the textural characteristics of the various porous supports, and for characterization of the state of the loaded metal/metal oxide nanoparticles.

6. Optimization of the loading and release properties of different types of drugs antibiotics, glucocorticoids, anti-inflammatory non-steriods and antioxidants supported on functionalized mesoporous silicas.

7. Synthesis of high surface area mesoporous silica and nanostructured metal oxide materials as perspective supports for highly active, thermally stable and usable in repeated cycles in the reactions hydrolysis of triglycerides and synthesis of esters of free fatty acids with monoalcohols lipase-based biocatalysts.


Recent Projects Supported by NFSI

1. Application of ultradispersed diamond materials as catalysts supports, started 2005.

2. Nanobiocomposites: novel materials for bone implants, started 2007.

3. Nanocomposite oxide catalysts for toxic gas emissions removal from formalin production and from other manufactures, started 2008.

4. Nanocrystalline-mesoporous SnO2 materials modified with noble (Pd) and transition (Cu, Fe, Co) metals: preparation, physicochemical characterization and application as potential catalysts and sensors. A comparative study of the obtained composites with analogous materials based on mesoporous silicas, started 2008.

5. Nanosized metal oxide nanoparticles hosted in various types mesoporous materials. Synthesis and characterization and their application in solving some ecology problems, started 2008.

6. Development of new materials with mixed valence oxidative state for application for environmental protection, started 2008.

7. Coordinative chemistry of cations in porous matrices: Theoretic and experimental study and design of new materials with specific adsorption and catalytic properties, started 2008.

8. Novel nanocomposite materials on the base of mesoporous materials with potential application in ecology and biocatalysis, started 2009.

9. Integrated approach for the control of NOs emission: Development of novel effective catalysts, started 2010.

10. Multi -component metal oxide nanocomposites as catalysts for VOCs elimination, started 2012.

11. Adsorption and catalytic elimination of VOCs over porous materials, started 2011.

International Collaborations

1. Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Research Centre for Natural Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.

2. Institute of Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Debrecen, Hungary (2007-2011)

3. Institute of Molecular Study and Technology (CNR), Milan, Italy.

4. Institute of Chemical Technology (UPV-CSIC), Valencia, Spain.

5. Instituite of New Catalytic Materials Science, College of Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin, China

6. National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Recently defended PhD and DSc Thesis

  • Mesoporous molecular sieves modified with CuO and Fe2O3: preparation, characterization and catalytic properties in methanol decomposition (Ph degree, 2003)

  • Nanostructured metal/metal oxides in porous supports: Preparation, Characterization and catalytic properties in some ecological processes (Ph degree, 2009).

  • Composites on the base of supported on porous materials metal/metal oxides and their application as catalysts in methanol decomposition and ethylacetate oxidation (DSc degree, 2009).

  • Modification of zeolite MCM-22 and its application as catalyst for alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons conversion (PhD degree, 2011).

  • Catalytic elimination of toxic emissions on nanosized multicomponent composites, PhD, in preparation 2012.

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