German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) sponsors the founding of the Center for Applied Spectroscopy within the program ”Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe”. The aim of this Center is unification of already developed activities in the field of applied spectroscopy in Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Sofia Universities, mainly those concerned to environmental protection. Coordinator of the project is German Institute of Environmental Research (INFU) in Dortmund.
The Center for Applied Spectroscopy will organize in the year 2004. three Summer schools for the undergraduated and postgraduated students from Novi Sad, Belgrade and Sofia, covering the following areas:
:: Application of GC/MS spectroscopy (one week at the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad, SCG)
:: Application of HPLC/MS combination (one week at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade, SCG)
:: Application of X-ray, IR and Raman spectroscopy (one week at the Bulgarian Academy of Science in Sofia, Bulgaria)
Program Committee
Prof. Dr. Jovan Jovanović, University of Belgrade, SCG
Prof. Dr. Tsonko Kolev, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Mila Laušević, University of Belgrade, SCG
Prof. Dr. Snežana Sinadinović-Fišer, University of Novi Sad, SCG
Prof. Dr. Michael Spiteller, University of Dortmund, FRG
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