Objectives of the Summer Schools:
In order to improve the quality of education and research activities, mainly in the area of environmental protection, a series of lectures and corresponding experimental works for students from Novi Sad, Belgrade and Sofia Universities, i.e. for five students from each University, will be organized within the Summer schools.
Three Summer schools, each a week long, will be held at different Universities, with different subjects of applied spectroscopy:
:: GC/MS application in the area of soil contamination with hydrocarbons and PAHs;
Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad, SCG
From 23.-28. August, 2004.
:: HPLC/MS application in the water analysis and in the area of fruit contamination with pesticides;
Faculty of Technology and Metalurgy, University of Belgrade, SCG
From 30. August – 4. September 2004.
:: X-ray, IR and Raman spectroscopy application;
Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria
From 13. – 18. September, 2004.
The Programs for each Summer school are available (click at the Logo of each University at the Cover page)
The working language of the Summer school will be English.
Deadline for application will be 30th of May.
Due to intensive training in the lab number of participants will be limited to 15 persons.
The Organizing committee will select the candidates based on:
:: application written as motivation letter on English language,
:: knowledge in chromatography and mass spectrometry which should be specified,
:: Curriculum Vitae (must include Surname, Name, Date of birth, Place of birth, Sex, Address, Telephone, Fax, E-mail, University, Year of studying (Affiliation), Research area)
Applicants should chose the Summer school in particular Centre. The application letter, including CV attached as a Word document, should be sent as an e-mail on corresponding contact address:
:: For the applicants from Novi Sad: ssfiser@uns.ns.ac.yu
:: For the applicants from Belgrade: milal@elab.tmf.bg.ac.yu
:: For the applicants from Sofia: kolev@srv.orgchm.bas.bg
Candidates with successful application will be informed until the 15th of June.
Prior to the start of the Summer school the Final program and working Protocols will be delivered.
For the members of the Center for Applied Spectroscopy no registration fee will be charged. The accommodation with breakfast and lunch at the students hostel will be free.
:: Faculty of Technology, 21000 Novi Sad, Bulevar Cara Lazara 1 (University campus), Serbia and Montenegro
:: Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, 11120 Beograd, Karnegijeva 4, Serbia and Montenegro
:: Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute for Organic Chemistry, Acad. G. Bonchev Str. B1 9, BG-1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

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