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The Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances Plovdiv was founded in 1982 as a division of the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Since 1999 Assoc Prof. Maria Kratchanova has served as head of the Laboratory. Currently eight people work in the laboratory and additional 7 people are assigned under the frame of project with VITANEA Ltd.


Chosen publications in the period 2007 2012

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Participation in projects in the period 2007-2012

Projects funded by National Funds

1. Project No MU-CC-1502 Obtaining, characterization and biological significance of pectic polysaccharides from leek (Allium porrum). Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2005-2006.

2. Project No DO -915/17.11.2006 Obtaining and characterization of biologically active substances from edible mushrooms, grown in Bulgaria. Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2006-2010.

3. Project No TK-X-1607/06 Anthocyanin-containig fruits rich source of biologically active substances, funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2006-2010.

4. Project No NIF-02-66/28.12.2007 Novel nutraceuticals and functional fds for prevention of lipid peroxidation-related diseases, funded by the National Innovation Fund Bulgarian Ministry of Economy. 2007-2010.

5. Project No DMU 02-9 Assessment of the potential of plant in vitro systems for development of biotechnology for obtaining biologically active triterpenes. Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2009-2013.

6. Project No 03/74 Development of functional foods and food supplements with antioxidant, antimicrobial, immunestimulating and antitumor activities from Bulgarian forest fruits and herbs. Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2012 2014.

7. Project Investigation the possibilities for increasing the antioxidants content in tomatoes lines and cultivars grown in Bulgaria. Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2012 2014.

8. Project Application of bioinformatical and biotechnological methods for in vitro obtaining of biomass from the endangered specie Rhodiola rosea golden root and for the increasing of the production of biologically active substances and increase the production of biologically active substances. Funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. 2012 2014.

Research project funded by private companies

1. Functional foods and additives from fruit, vegetables and herbs. Funded by VITANEA Ltd, Plovdiv, 2010- 2013.

2. Contract with ITC Innovative-technological Centre Ltd. for the development of nutraceuticals. Funded by ITC Ltd., 2011-2013.

Projects funded by the Operational Programmes of the Structural Funds of EU

1. Project Extraction of medicinal and aromatic plants with supercritical carbon dioxide technology transfer for development of innovative products. Programme Selection of postdoc students and young scientist for one-month tuition in high-technological scientific complexes and infrastructures, project BG051PO001/3.3-05-0001 SCIENCE and BUSINESS under the frame of the Operational program Development of human resources. Beneficiary - assist prof. Petko Denev.

2. Project Obtaining and characterization of pectin samples using enzymatic and chemical modification Selection of postdoc students and young scientist for one-month tuition in high-technological scientific complexes and infrastructures, project BG051PO001/3.3-05-0001 SCIENCE and BUSINESS under the frame of the Operational program Development of human resources. Beneficiary Dipl. Eng. Manol Ognyanov.

Joint Research Projects

1. Development of functional foods and nutraceuticals with antioxidant and immune-stimulating activities. Joint Research Project with Institute of Biophysics, Academy of the Scienves of the Czech republic. 01.01.2011-31.12.2013.

2. New aspects of analysis of the antioxidant activity and mechanism of action of bioantioxsidantes Joint Research Project with Joint Reserch Project with N. N. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences. 2012-2014. Assoc prof. Dr. Vessela D. Kancheva.

Joint Research Projects with National Research Organizations and University

1. Scientific research project with Vetegable cropr research Institute Marica, Plovdiv Characteristic of the flavonoid content of different tomato varieties. 2011-2013.

2. Scientific research project with Medical University Plovdiv, Pharmacy Faculty Investigation of phytochemical composition, antioxidant, immunestimulating and antiviral activities of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and other Sambucus species distributed in Bulgaria. 2011-2013

3. Contract with Crop research institute, Shumen Characteristic of different Stevia genotypes by the content of steviol glycosides. 2012-2013.



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